Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bad Day

Some days on this path are easy, you know, rainbows and sweet smelling grass.  Other days are like today, difficult and arduous.

Nothing special happened today, long day at work, and a migraine on top of it.  But that is nothing new.  So why was today so hard?  Why are some days more difficult than others to get through?

Would a hot fudge sundae really have made today any better?  No, not really?  So why is that fact that I can't have one bugging me today when it didn't yesterday?

I blame Myron.  Myron is kinda a handy character to have around.  I can blame him when I'm having a weak moment.  Or a couple of weak moments.  Or a couple of weak weeks!

I guess maybe the important thing is that I don't give into the hot fudge sundae cravings.  My sweet treat now is my morning smoothie, I actually look forward to that in the morning where I used to live for my morning cup of coffee.

One change at a time, one small step at a time.  One weak moment conquered a time, that is all I can do.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Jump on the Skinny Train!

photo via People Magazine Online
So tonight I was trolling CNN to see what was up and there was an article on Drew Carey.  I've always liked him so I thought I'd check it out.  Here is his latest photo.

He has lost 80 pounds since January!  Way to go Drew!!  If he can do it so can we!  Who cares if he can afford a personal trainer to beat him into the gym and a personal chef to prepare him all of his healthy meals, it still takes will power and dedication to do that, right?  He just has a few more perks than the rest of us.

The article on CNN that was originally from People said that he was a Type 2 Diabetic and that was one reason that he decided to embark on this journey.  He is now no longer registering at Diabetic levels!  Way to go!

I don't know about anyone else, but I think that finding these stories about other people who are succeeding in the same struggle that many of us are currently in is helpful.  It is good to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that there is an end to this long journey.

Encouragement, where ever and however you can find it is vital to any endeavour.  The Boy made a comment the other day about being goal oriented.  He said he doesn't always have to look at the end of the road.  He just has to know the next step.  I'm telling you, for a smart mouth teenager, he sure has it on the ball.

That is what we have been trying to do, one step, one goal at the time, otherwise things are too overwhelming.  I don't do overwhelming.  Overwhelming is the road to failure.

I'm all for the road to success in this venture! 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Recipe!

I'm telling you, this issue of Diabetic Living is awesome! There was a recipe for a Mushroom-Olive Frittata. It looked rather intriguing and I was thinking about it all day; so guess what we had for dinner? Yup, you got it, breakfast!

It was so yummy and easy to make! Here it is, you gotta try it:

Mushroom-Olive Frittata

1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
1 Cup Sliced Fresh Cremini Mushrooms
2 Cups coarsely shredded fresh spinach
1 Large Shallot, thinly sliced
4 Eggs*
2 Egg Whites*
2 Teaspoons snipped fresh rosemary
¼ Cup thinly sliced pitted Kalamata olives
1/3 Cup shredded Parmesan Cheese

1. Preheat broiler. In a broiler proof medium nonstick skillet, heat oil over medium heat. Add mushrooms to skillet; cook 3 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add Spinach and shallot. Cook about 5 minutes or until mushrooms and spinach are tender, stirring occasionally.

2. Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, whisk together eggs, egg whites, rosemary, ½ teaspoon black pepper and 1/8 teaspoon salt. Pour egg mixture over vegetables in skillet. Cook over medium heat. As mixture sets, run a spatula around edge of skillet, lifting egg mixture so the uncooked portion flows underneath. Continue cooking and lifting edge until egg mixture is almost set and surface is just slightly moist.

3. Sprinkle with olives, top with cheese. Broil about 4 inches from the heat about 3 minutes or until top is lightly browned and center is set. Let stand 5 minutes before serving.

*If desired, substitute 1¼ Cups refrigerated or frozen egg product, thawed, for the eggs and egg whites.

Servings 4 one wedge each)
Carbs per Serving: 4g
Prep 49 Minutes Broil 2 minutes
Stand 5 minutes

Per serving: 165 cal, 11 g total fat (3g sat. fat)
216 mg cholesterols
416 mg sodium
4g carbs
1g fiber
12 g protein
Exchanges: 1 vegetable, 1.5 medium –fat meat, 0.5 fat. Carb choices 0
~Diabetic Living Fall 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Good Mail Day

Today was a good mail day; no bills and my Diabetic Living magazine arrived!  It has become one of my favorites (I know, it's pretty sad).

There is an interesting article in it about how to take the first step in accepting your Diabetes, but I'm thinking it could apply to almost anything ~ for instance, a lifestyle change.

First they talk about coming to terms.  Basically saying that you can not do anything until you come to terms with your diagnosis or perhaps a conversation with your Doctor when they say "Do this or die." (I hate those conversations.)

That makes sense, you have to be able to deal with what has happened to you before you can deal with it.  I know that I spent a year running from it, and doing everything I could to pretend that I didn't have Diabetes and everything was fine.  Yeah, that didn't work very well, all it got me was 20 lbs heavier, and feeling a lot worse.  (I never claimed to be the brightest bulb in the box.)

The next part of the article was the really interesting part; it was titled "What's missing"  what was interesting is that it talked about motivation and willpower, but from a totally different perspective:
"People typically think they need to find will power, self-discipline, or motivation.  They get discouraged when they cant find it." says William Polonsky, Ph.D., CDE, founder of the Behavioral Diabetes Institute in San Diego.  "Rather than look for motivation, look at what's in your way."
Diabetic Living ~ Fall 2010

I thought that was really an ah-ha moment!  Instead of trying to psych yourself up to do something, simply look at what is in your way to keep you from doing it, and remove those obstacles!  It looked so simple when I read it; it was one of those head slap moments when I wanted to say "Man!  Why didn't they run this article a year ago!"

The article goes on to discuss removing barriers, such as depression and misconception.  It also warned about getting stuck in the deprivation trap, another thing that gets those of us attempting to lose weight.  You start to focus on what you can't eat, instead of all cool things that you GET to eat!

The last part was about "Finding what works" and making small changes.  Even though you'll get all excited and want to make huge sweeping changes all at once, it is too overwhelming and you are dooming yourself to failure.  Make small changes and get one thing down before you tackle another.  

We have taken that approach in the last few months and our lifestyle change has actually gone rather smoothly because of that fact.

It was a wonderful article, and I haven't even gotten to the recipes yet!  One of those things that you read and realize you can apply to many aspects of your life.

Think about it!


I apologize for the late post, I was sidelined by a migraine last night.  

Yesterday was an Ann Arbor day for us, we went down to see The Boy's Surgeon for a follow up.  He is doing so well that he was cut loose!  We are all done.  No more trips back down for check-ups, yea!  The Boy was so good through this whole ordeal, we have all been very proud of him.

To celebrate, mom and I took him to lunch; restaurant of his choice.  We stopped at the mall down there to see what we could find.  They have a place called the California Pizza KitchenThe food was amazing, and not too far off plan!  Mom and I split a Spinach Artichoke pizza and The Boy devoured an entire pizza on his own (big surprise!).

We decided to wander the mall a bit after, and I was again amazed at the number of stores that cater to people who are itty-bitty when most of America is now "super-sized".  I mean, come on; how do these people make any money? Do they not listen to the news or read any papers on online news sites?  Here is a little stat for them from Reuters:
Numbers posted by the National Center for Health Statistics show that more than 34 percent of Americans are obese, compared to 32.7 percent who are overweight. It said just under 6 percent are "extremely" obese.
         (Reporting by Maggie Fox; Editing by Julie Steenhuysen and Xavier Briand)

Using those statistics (as scary as they are) all of these itty-bitty people clothing stores can not sell to approximately 73% of the people in America!  Seems to me they are missing a large (pardon the pun) market share!

I dont' get it, I do not understand why there are not more clothing options for roly-poly people like me.  Granted I'm less roly than I was, but I'm still quite poly and I do need clothing just like everyone else.  And hey!  I like cute clothes too!!!!

Get with the program people!  73% of Americans want cute clothes and you are missing out on selling to us!!!!! 

Monday, July 26, 2010

I have never been a fan of Mondays.  Even the name of the day is yucky - Mon day.  Sorta sounds like Moanday doesn't it?  That was how I felt this morning at 5:45 AM.

5:45 AM that was the time my 'loving' husband woke me up for my morning walk.  Okay, let's face it.  I had NO intention of going out walking at that time of the morning!  What are those stupid birds so happy about anyway?

Just to humor Mr. Morning (formerly known as wonderful hubby), I stumbled out of bed and went into the bathroom.  I emerged a few minutes later intending to snuggle back into my cozy bed for another hour, but my husband, THE CAD, had made the damn bed!  You can't just unmake a bed that has just been made, that is just wrong.  He knew that, the scheming evil genius that he is!

Now I was left with only one option, put my shoes on and go out and walk.  I got dressed, found my shoes, and my Zune and headed out.

The morning was actually really pretty.  It was rather cool and the sunrise was beautiful.  I began to wake up as I strode along, and before long, the birds stopped annoying me and actually started sounding rather cheerful.

By the time I got home, I was ready to downgrade hubby from evil to simply mean!  I did feel better and more awake.  I moved through the day more easily and actually seemed to enjoy a Moanday! (That's a first).

I hate it when my husband is right!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's Sunday!

We all know what that means!  Here are the stats:

The Boy:  -2.5 lbs (he's back to running!  Yea boy!)
Hubby:  Maintained (Yea hubby!)
Me:  -1.5 lbs!!!
We would like to thank our benefactress who made the new scale possible!

Tonight was new recipe night!  The Boy and I were feeling adventurous and tried 2 - count them 2 new recipes!!  One was made with zucchini and the other was a dessert.  The dessert was only 49 calories!

I have never liked zucchini, unless it was made into a tasty bread slathered with butter or better yet, cream cheese!  Tonight's fare was a baked zucchini with a cheese and bread crumb stuffing.  It was awesome!  It is a definite do over! 

The dessert was a banana and cream cheese concoction with a graham cracker crust.  Yummy!  I think it goes without saying that it is on the do-over list.

The Boy also took a walk with me and we had a great conversation.  I doesn't really matter about what, it was great just to talk!

Today was a good day to be on the plan!  It made up for the last week.  I have Myron out of my head for now.  I'll stay alert for his return, but for now, all is well.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Myron in my Head

I got up this morning and put my new, fun outfit on that hubby got me and headed off to work.  The outfit is bright and cheerful and I usually feel pretty and happy when I have it on.  Today, for some reason I felt fat and dumpy.  I have no idea why.

Here is an interesting thing to note ladies, when you start to lose a bunch of weight, your bras do NOT shrink with you.  Which is weird because they are basically made from elastic fabric, right?  Anyway, mine are no longer keeping the girls where they need to be.  I guess a shopping trip is in order.

I was beginning to sense Myron at work in my brain.  Why else would I feel so fat and dumpy today?  I tried to chase him out, but that little jerk just stuck in there, whispering his evil little jabs in my ear.

I came home and sat down only to discover that my mom had brought The Boy some cookies and he had left them on the sofa, right next to where I was sitting.  Before I knew it, four of the cookies were gone!  Damn that Myron!  I closed the cookie tin and went upstairs.

Instead of just changing my clothes as I usually do, I jumped in the shower, figuring I'd wash that Myron right out of my hair!  I got dressed, came back downstairs, moved the cookie tin and pulled out my Dtour Cookbook to find something for dinner.

We had amazing Dtour style Ruben sandwiches and baby peppers (one of my favorite treats) for dinner and I am making some more smoothie sorbet for a treat later.

I may be down, but I'm not out.  Myron may still get in my head, but he is not allowed to take up residence anymore! 

Friday, July 23, 2010


I was just rereading some of the first blogs.  It has been a long and interesting journey and there is still so much further to go.  It is pretty much a guarantee that the next leg of this quest will be at least as much fun and entertainment as the first part.

I am getting geared up for the Diabetes walk in October. I have heard back from Prevention and due to copyright laws I am unable to use&the name Dtour for our team name or shirts.  So, now we need a new team name. If anyone has any suggestions, please post a suggestions, I am currently out of ideas!

This morning I was getting dressed and I put on a jumper that I have worn for quite awhile. I went to leave the bedroom and tripped over the hem. Last time I wore this particular jumper, the hem was above my ankles. I was really confused for a moment, then it dawned on me . . . My jumper was longer because I was slimmer and since there was less of me to cover, it was longer! Sometimes I'm a little slow on the uptake.

I have discovered this really amazing salad. It is my new favorite food! It is called the Super foods Salad. It looks wonderful, tastes delicious and makes you feel amazing. It was on the site earlier this summer. I may have posted it already. If I did, I'm sorry for the repeat, but it is more than worth a repost!

Superfoods Salad
Spinach, strawberries, blueberries, and walnuts sometimes are called superfoods because they are loaded with antioxidants, which are often touted as contributing to good health.
SERVINGS: 4 (about 2 cup) servings
Total Fat (g) 13

1/3 cup raspberry vinegar
2 tablespoons snipped fresh mint
2 tablespoons honey
1 tablespoon canola oil
1/4 teaspoon salt
4 cups packaged fresh baby spinach leaves
2 cups chopped, cooked chicken breast
2 cups fresh strawberries, hulled and sliced
1/2 cup fresh blueberries
1/4 cup walnuts, toasted and coarsely chopped
1 ounce semisoft goat cheese, crumbled
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

1. For vinaigrette: In a screw-top jar, combine vinegar, mint, honey, oil, and salt. Cover and shake well.

2. In a large bowl, toss together spinach, chicken, strawberries, blueberries, walnuts, and goat cheese. Transfer to salad plates. Drizzle with vinaigrette and sprinkle with pepper.

Nutrition Facts Per Serving:
• Saturated Fat (g) 2
• Monounsaturated Fat (g) 4
• Polyunsaturated Fat (g) 5
• Cholesterol (mg) 63
• Sodium (mg) 249
• Carbohydrate (g) 22
• Total Sugar (g) 14
• Fiber (g) 3
• Protein (g) 26
• Vitamin C (DV%) 91
• Calcium (DV%) 7
• Iron (DV%) 16

Diabetic Exchanges
• Fruit (d.e.) .5
• Other Carbohydrates (d.e.) .5
• Vegetables (d.e.) 1
• Very Lean Meat (d.e.) 3.5
• Fat (d.e.) 2
© Copyright 2010 , Meredith Corporation. All Rights Reserved

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Myron Stomping

All of my life I have believed certain things:
  • I was destined to be heavy
  • The world did not exist before 7 AM
  • I could not make it through the day without my morning coffee
  • Exercise was evil
  • Dieting was going to fail - eventually
Here are the things that I have learned in the past few months
  • I'm going to look very fine in another 50 pounds or so - and I will get there!
  • Walking at 6AM with the birds and a book is pretty dang awesome and makes the rest of the day better.
  • I don't need caffeine to make it through the day, I just need me.
  • Dieting may fail - by and entire lifestyle change is forever!
Myron, that devious little beast has spent a lot of years whispering evil lies in my ears and I believed him.  I believed everyone who told me that I couldn't do what I am now proving that I can do.

If I can do this, anyone can.  It's a mindset thing.  You just have to make up your mind, set a plan and move forward.  The important thing is to not look back.

Myron can try to mess with me all he wants, and he does still get to me sometimes.  I guess I have to accept that there will always be setbacks.  What I am now realizing, is that as long as I continue to move forward and not dwell on those mistakes and missteps, I'll be fine.  Myron loses and I win!  I like winning.

Myron Stomping is fun!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Morning Routine

Once again this morning I asked Hubby to get me up early so I could walk.  The conversation is pretty funny with lots of "What?  You want me to what?"  then there is a "Who are you and what have you done with my wife" thrown in for good measure.  But, being the good and sweet man that he his, he wakes me up at 5:45AM as he is getting ready to leave for work.  

His new trick this morning was to make the bed the minute I got out of it.  That way I would feel really guilty if I got back into it!  Clever boy!  It worked, I stayed up.

I threw my clothes on and my walking shoes and swung out of the house at just about 6:00AM.  Now, even a couple of weeks ago, if you would have told me I would be doing this, voluntarily no less, I would have told you you were crazy!  But this morning the sun was just coming out, the birds were singing and I had the whole neighborhood to myself.

My Zune was tuned to a book, so it was just me, the birds, and my book.  It was actually kind of wonderful!

I'm exercising and I'm really, really enjoying it.  I'm exercising first thing in the morning and liking it!  I think I've lost my mind! 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I have received lots of positive feedback after yesterday's post with photos.  Thanks to all for the encouragement.  It is certainly a boost to know I have so much support and encouragement out there.

One comment really stuck with me though; it was from an old friend of mine who is now a medical assistant.  She was talking about how taking care of yourself with Diabetes, or really any condition is really about being around for your family and for the future.  She's right.

The Boy jokes with me about his 'ultimate threat' of Grandchildren, but seriously, isn't that what it is all about?  I want to be here for my family, I want the chance to be a wacky old lady, a wonderful Grandma who spoils her grandchildren rotten and makes her son and daughter-in-law nuts.  I want to grow old with my husband, I want to have as many years with him as I can.

I have had people accuse me of being very selfish and focusing on myself lately; but you know what, there is more laughter in our house.  There is more joy and happiness in our home.  Everyone is more relaxed and meals are just plain fun now.  How could that be selfish?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wow! That's Amazing!

I have been getting requests for an updated photo.  So, this evening, when we I got home from work, I asked the boys to take a couple.  I was shocked at the results!

Here they are.  The photo on the left was taken the day we started February 21st.  the one on the right was taken this evening.

I lost more than a chin!  I lost half of my face!  I'm glad it's gone though.  And look!  I have a neck!  Not much of one yet, but you can at least see that there is a neck there.

I got up this morning at 5:45 AM and went for  a walk.  I know doesn't sound shocking to most people, but I AM NOT a morning person.  This morning I got up, dressed and was swinging down the street bopping to my Zune before 6:00 AM.  It felt good.  I felt good!  I think I may go out again tomorrow morning!

I feel like my whole life is changing.  Not only are my eating habits changing, my body and my face has changed.  I'm wearing make-up and color to work, and today I got up and took a walk in the morning!

A follower surprised me with a special gift today.  She has read the blog every day and often comments to me about the previous nights post when I see her the next morning.  Today she presented me with a congratulations card and a gift certificate for $50.00.  The note on it said $50.00 for 50 lbs.  (Yes, she knew she was a little premature, but she has faith in me!)

I could not have been more shocked.  I know that people care and are rooting for me, but that gesture was far beyond anything I would ever expect!

The funds are going towards a purchase of a new scale since ours is still a little nuts.  I'm off to do my research to find a scale that won't lose it's little electronic mind!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Has anyone seen my chin?

Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow."
Robert Kiyosaki
That was the quote on the Dtour site today when I pulled it up.  I thought it was quite fitting and have been thinking about it all day.  

Weigh in Day has been suspended until next week due to the fact that our scale seems to have lost it's little computer mind.  We put a new battery in it last night hoping to fix it, but no go.  You can get on it, walk into another room, come back, get on the scale again and have gained 4 lbs!  I lost 2 when I went into the kitchen to get a glass of iced tea.  While it is rather entertaining, it gives us no usable data.  We will do weigh in next week when we at a scale that works. 

I can report some progress though, I took a shower today and when I got out and looked in the mirror, I realized that I was missing a chin!  I still have a couple, but at least one of them is gone!  Poof, vanished!  Can I get a Woohoo for the missing chin? WOOHOO!!!!!!!

Maybe the trick to all of this is to concentrate on the positive things I am doing and the good changes I am seeing in myself and stop focusing on what others think and say.  I know, that is a lot easier said than done, but hey, why not?  I'm happy with what I'm doing, I believe in me, why should it matter if others don't?

I lost a chin today, that is a major accomplishment for me.  I can be proud of that.  But you have to wonder  . . . . What body part is next on the vanishing list?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Best Dessert EVER!!

I put a moratorium on ice cream in the house.  I have no will power when it comes to ice cream.  If it is in the freezer, I can hear it calling to me no matter where I am in the house.  Hubby had purchased some when I was in my funk this week and HAD to have it until it was gone.  I know I should be stronger and have more will power, but what are you going to do?  It's my weakness.

So, this evening we are sitting here watching a movie and I'm hungry.  Not only am I hungry, I want . . .ICE CREAM.  "Nope, it's gone and we're not getting anymore."  Dang, there go those supportive men of mine again!

So, I thought maybe a smoothie would do it.  I went into the kitchen to see what I could come up with. There was frozen fruit in the freezer (which was truly bare of ice cream), into the blender it went, along with some orange juice and just a bit of yogurt.

The poor little $8.00 blender protested mightily and I'm sure I smelled a whiff of burning motor there for a moment.  The smoothie was coming out very thick, much too thick to drink.

Sorbet!  Hey, wait a minute, sorbet is sort of like ice cream, right?  What a brilliant idea!  All I had to do was hope that the blender didn't burst into flames  before it was done.

There was much protesting and groaning from the blender, but it produced a very smooth, sweet tasting and pretty color sorbet.

Who needs ice cream when I can make that in just a couple of minutes?  I think we need a better blender though.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Conversation in the car this evening:
Me:  "You're driving past the Dairy Freeze."
Boy:  "Yes, I am."
Me:  "But why?  They have ice cream, and chocolate and whipped cream."
Boy:  "It's full of fat and sugar and you don't need it."
Silence for a bit, then:
Me:  "But I like Dairy Freeze ice cream."
Boy:  "You don't need it Mom."  Heavy sigh and eye roll "Are you going to make me say it?  Grandchildren."
 End of conversation.

I've spent a lot of time this week feeling sorry for myself and somehow, in the middle of my wallow I lost sight of something.  I have an amazing support system right here!

Other members of my family and friends may not be solidly on board in the support department and they may be slinging some very well aimed arrows right now.  but no matter what, I have my two boys.

They are always here for me.  I have no doubt of my future success with the two of them behind me.

I do love them very much, even when they are horribly mean!


Thursday, July 15, 2010


I try to keep this rather light and full of humor.  That is how I try to look at life and how I have been approaching my change in lifestyle.  I figure that it has to be easier to embrace it with a good sense of humor and laugh than to whine and moan about the entire situation.

Anyway, I was looking back through my blogs this week and realized that I have been doing quite a bit of whining this week.  I'm going to try to stop that now.

However, it has brought me to an impasse.  Since we all carry around this emotional baggage, most of which I am carting around on my hips and butt, how do we get rid of it?  Is it really as simple as turning your back on those who are causing the problem?  Can you just shut them out of your life and go on about your merry way?

That sounds good in theory, but I really don't think it would work so well in practice.  If we shout ourselves off from everyone and everything that causes us stress and strife, we would be existing in our own little bubbles every speaking to anyone.  How much fun would that be?

So, maybe what I have to do is face down what is bothering me?  Now that would be the grown up thing to do.  Which makes me want to be Peter Pan and fly away with Tinker Bell!

Watching what I eat and exercising is much easier than walking through this minefield.  I would turn and run away from it if I could, honestly I started to.  Then I reread yesterday's post with the list of what I had eaten while I was in my downward spiral this week.  That alone was proof enough to remind me that this too is an important piece of the puzzle.  Figuring this all out is just as important as what I put in my mouth and moving my body.  but I think I'd rather run a marathon!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

And the Award Goes To . . .

Me.  The slow learner award that is.  I am beginning to think that I will never, ever learn the simplest of things.  I eat when I get stressed.  We all know that, right?  Right.  I know that, it is a fact of my life.  This is something I have been working on with grim determination since I began this venture.

Since my meltdown and devastating conversation with persons close to me, I have ingested the following.  A burger (okay, it was a boca, but a burger is a burger!), fries, spinach artichoke dip with tortilla chips, two (count them two) bowls of ice cream, potato chips with queso dip, and to top it all off a long island ice tea.  Yes, I know I'm a diabetic and should not be drinking.  To make matters even better it was a mucho  Long Island, roughly the size of a small bath tub!

Does that sound like the food list of a sane person who is being responsible and watching their weight?  No, it is the food list of some out of control wacko who has no idea what they are doing!  What was I thinking?  Oh yeah, I wasn't.

Damn that Myron!  He is a sneaky little jerk!  He waited until I was low, my defenses were down and WHAM! He got me but good!  

So what now?  Do I go sulk in a corner and eat myself into a coma?  In the past, yes, that is exactly what I would have done.  Now?  Now, I'm going to brush myself off, try my best not to beat myself up and start again in the morning with a smoothie and follow it up with a salad for lunch.

I may have lost a battle, but this war is far from over, and I have NO intention of losing.  I have fought too long and too hard to quit now.  So bring it on Myron, you little putz, give me your best, because your toast!

The Price of Mistakes

Yesterday, The Boy had a follow up appointment with his Surgeon; which meant a trip to Ann Arbor.  Road trips also mean lunch out, normally not a big deal for me anymore.  Not the case yesterday.

The Boy's Surgeon pronounced that he was ready to graduate to more solid foods, including burgers and perhaps even attempt a steak.  There was much happiness and rejoicing (on The Boy's part) and my wonderful son immediately announced he was famished and in need of sustenance!  To be precise, he wanted a Burger!  Off we went to Red Robin (he was allowed to choose the restaurant).

I had not yet recovered from my prior day's meltdown.  Particularly because I had another small one shortly before we left for the appointment.  Someone very close to me and I had a disagreement during which I was informed that my moods were all over and I needed to be medicated.  Hmmmm, didn't think things were that bad!!  Anyway . . . . I was not really thinking very clearly and ordered a burger as well!

It isn't as horrible as it sounds!  This particular restaurant allows you to substitute a Boca patties for the meat, although I still ate the bun.  The big problem?  The fries.  I admit it, I caved.  I had a HUGE moment of weakness and ate the damn fries!! 

They tasted divine!   For the short time we were in the restaurant, they tasted like a bit of heaven to me.  Then during the car ride home , they turned on me.  Do you know they cook those stupid things in grease?

My stomach started sending death threats to my brain and my entire system went in to some sort of bizarre shock.  I'm not kidding, I think my body went into a small rebellion against me!  I spent the rest of the afternoon and night in agony!

Remember the old saying:  "A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips?"  I do believe that my body just rewrote it.  Now it should read something like "A moment on the lips, spend eternity in hell!"   It's the next morning and my body is still not happy with me!

I guess that is the cost of the french fries from now on.  Know what?  NOT WORTH IT!!!  I do believe I shall go put a nice morning smoothie in my tummy and begin to make amends.

Monday, July 12, 2010


As I have been going through this journey; the topic of stress keeps coming up.  How I deal with it, how I manage it.  I thought I had been doing a relatively good job.

Until today.  Today, I had the mother of all meltdowns.  I was off work so that I could get some things taken care of.  I kept running into brick walls.  The boy was being a hormonal teenager, nothing new or surprising about that.  It was one of those days when things just went from bad to worse.

I was listening to a message on the voice mail and something inside me just snapped.  I let loose with one of the best primeval screams ever.  I had always studied them in Psych and wondered if they really helped anything.  (FYI - they do!)

That was followed by a torrent of tears that I have not let loose since I was a child.  I'm not even sure where it all cam from.  I thought I was holding things together really well.

WRONG!!!  I think I need to go back and review all this stuff about dealing with stress.  Whatever I was doing, isn't working for me anymore.  But, if I read one more thing about just taking a deep breath and letting it all go, I may start burning books!!

Who writes that stuff anyway?  Have they ever been able to take a deep breath, release it, and all of their troubles and stresses along with the air?  I don't think so.  Or if they did, the only stress they have is which toilet paper to buy in the store!

So now the search for how to relieve stress begins.  Will this journey never end?

Off I go to find stress relievers!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Passion

It's Sunday, so let's get the housekeeping out of the way first.

Weigh in results:

The Boy - +2 lbs - which is a good thing as he is beginning to be able to eat again.
Amazingly wonderful Husband (the title still holds from yesterday's shopping spree):  Stayed the same.  Which is a good thing.  He is building muscle - his arms are getting really ripped!
Me:  -2 lbs!  Yea me!!  (I'm learning to be proud of my accomplishments - that feels good too!)
The new exercise plan seems to be rolling along too.  I'm hiking parking lots and this morning my mom, the boy, and I rode our bikes up to forage for breakfast at the market.  I took off ahead of them and left them in the dust - I wasn't even winded when I got home!  My evil plan seems to be moving along just fine!!

I believe I am becoming obsessed.  I know I was accused of that in a negative way before, but this time, it is much more positive.

I took an unexpected Sunday afternoon nap today and did not have time to plan my menu and shopping list as I normally would.  So, when The Boy and I went to pick Wonderful Husband up from work, I grabbed my trusty Dtour Cookbook, so I could find something for dinner.

The Cookbook went into Walmart with us as it was easier to get ingredients since we had the book with us.  As we were walking up to the entrance, I saw this very large gentleman, who was perhaps 5-10 years older than I was.  He was sitting in one of those scooter-cart things with his shopping.  He was also alternately coughing horribly and puffing on a cigarette.  I had the greatest urge to smack him over the head with my cookbook.  I was having visions of ripping the cancer stick out of his mouth and explaining to him why he needed to use the scooter!  I told my boys of my secret little thoughts as we passed this unfortunate soul, I did have to bite my tongue, though.

As we progressed through the store, my eyes seemed to be drawn to all these people who were in these scooter-carts or were huffing their way down the candy and cookie isle.  I passed one rather interesting discussion regarding the health benefits of Chocolate Ice Cream versus Cookies and Cream Ice Cream.  Once again my hand was itching on my cookbook.  I was having visions of it landing upside people's heads as I attempted (probably in vain) to get them to listen to reason!

I wanted to sit these people down, and explain the wonders of eating properly.  I wanted to introduce them to the Dtour lifestyle and show them that they didn't have to be confined to the dopey scooters anymore!  I wanted to let them know how easy it was!  How great the food was!  I mean come on, can these people really be happy??!!  I don't think so.

If they would only try it for a week, they would begin to feel so much better, that those feelings alone would become enough of a motivator to get them to do another week!

I look at these people with their children loading up their carts and all I can see is a perpetuation of a horrible cycle.  Do they really want their children to feel as horrible as they do?  It is so simple to do this plan!

I have spoken to a lot of people about Dtour, I guess that I did not realize until today, how truly passionate I am about it.  This works!  This really, really works!  I am 44 pounds lighter than I was on February 21st, I can walk a 5K and I can ride a bike a mile without being winded!  I am living proof that this works!

See what I mean?  I think I'm out of control!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Reward Day

Remember when I was trying to find some non-edible rewards?  Wonderful Hubby found the perfect one.  Well, perfect for me perhaps, but not for his wallet!

I was sent on a bit of a shopping spree today.  I was taking The Boy out to a movie, which just so happened to be at a mall with one of my very favorite stores (no, not Barnes and Noble) the Body Shop!  The makeup that I had was very old and I needed to have it 'refreshed'.  Amazing husband told me to go get what I needed as he was very proud of me and wanted me to feel as beautiful as he thought I looked.  You have to give the boy points, he really knows the exact right thing to say at the exact right time.

Now, I am not stupid, out the door and off to the mall we went (before he had a chance to change his mind!).  I had the best time ever!  One of the clerks asked me what the occasion was, when I told her, everyone got in on the act and in very sort order, I was all set to go!  I felt so wonderful when I left, I felt so good about myself!

The Boy told me to day that he is proud of me.  As we were talking, it occurred to me that I am proud of myself.  For probably the very first time in my life, I am proud of myself!

Who would have thought that this would have been a byproduct of a diet?  The simple act of losing weight would have set in motion this incredible journey?  I am moving into a place where I actually like and value myself.  I am proud of myself for what I have accomplished and that alone is enough to propel me forward.

Tomorrow is weigh in day.  It is no longer the most dreaded day of the week either.  Things are changing, I am changing.

I like it!

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Almost Misstep

Too many late nights and early mornings this week had caught up with all of us by Thursday evening.  By the time I got home, the boys were already crashed out in the living room.  No one wanted to cook, no one wanted to go anywhere near the refrigerator, much less that kitchen.

Finally, it was decided that we would just order pizza, obviously someone had the energy to dial a phone!  The Boy rang up Pizza Hut and placed the order.  We were standing there talking a few minutes later when all of a sudden, it dawned on me what had just happened.

I looked at my boys in total shock and all but yelled "I can't have Pizza from Pizza Hut!!"  I was almost frantic.  "We have to call them and cancel my part off the order!"

My poor, wonderful, supportive child sighed, picked up the phone and dial.  (I'm pretty sure there was an eye roll involved, but he hid it well.)  He called Pizza Hut back and canceled my personal pizza off the order.  The poor girl on the other end of the phone thought he was nuts, but he persevered in support of his crazy mom and saved me from myself!

Myron is lurking everywhere.  That little dude is sneaky!  He made a play for me when I was at my weakest, I was hungry, I was tired and frankly, I couldn't face the kitchen.  This guy is really beginning to bug me!  I outsmarted him though, when I came to my senses; the realization that it was more important to me to eat properly than to eat quickly won out.

This is getting easier and easier!  To tell you the truth, when the guys got home with the pizza, the smell from the box actually made me nauseous.  Take that Myron!  You smarmy little git!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I promised an exercise plan by this evening so here it is.  Unfortunately, it is not yet full blown, but here are the basics.  We (the boys and I) intend to refine it as we go. 

As always, I am open to suggestions or thoughts.

  • There will be from this day forward at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise a day.  Either in the morning or evening.
  • A small tramp will be purchased for in home for inclement and 'whining' days when I am too tired or do not want to go back out after coming home from work.  If I have stuff there, I have no excuse.  (I really want a wii fit, but we will work on that, that is a good potential goal.)
  • On the weekends and days off, all local shopping and errands will be done on foot or bike, NO CAR!!!
  • I will park at the very end of the parking lots so I am forced to walk to the front of whichever store I am entering.
  • I need to download and begin a new training program for the 5K in October.  We had to take the July one off the book due to The Boy's surgery.  However, the Step Out event for Diabetes is very important and I fully intend to put a team together and walk!  I'm hoping to be able to use the name TEAM DTOUR, I am waiting on the kind folks at Prevention Magazine to let me know if that is okay.
It is the beginning of  a plan, but it is a start.  I can do this.  Down with Myron and down with the Empress of Justification.  She is Myron's sovereign you know.  I'm thinking he may be her court jester.  It sort of fits, doesn't it?

So there it is, promised plan on the table.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?

The Empress of Justification

The problem with a mirror is that it very impersonally reflects back to you exactly what it sees.  It has no judgements (Well unless it happens to belong to an evil stepmother), or biases.  You look, it reflects, it's pretty simple, and and sometimes harsh.

Part of my process, this blog, the Dr. Gillian McKeith Boot Camp, the work I've been doing, aside from the Dtour Diet itself, is a way of holding up an internal mirror to myself so that these very important changes that I am making are permanent.  I don't want to slide backwards again, gain more weight and become a yo-yo.  I have spent too many years as a very large, very round yo-yo and frankly, it has become to much work and too much stress for me and my body to deal with anymore.

So yesterday at work I had on my daily list the thing I dread most - filing.  I hate filing with a passion.  (Yes, there is a point coming, bear with me for a moment!)  I think I would rather walk through fire or eat glass than file.   Which is a problem as I am an Office Manager and filing should be a part of my daily tasks.  I go to extremes to avoid it. 

My first solution was to decide to file once a week.  Friday afternoons were going to be filing time.  Yeah, that didn't work.  I ended up with this huge stack of paperwork perched on the edge of my desk mocking me constantly.

Yesterday, I finally decided to take the bull by the horns.  I am going to file as I do things.  I can do that, right?  I mean, hey, I gave up caffeine!  If I did that, how hard can shoving papers in folders be?  I spent about an hour yesterday eliminating the mocking little pile and I start today with a clean desk!  Yea me!

The point?  Oh, you mean how does this relate to my lifestyle change?  Exercise.  When I got home and things finally quieted down last night, I was getting ready for bed and it suddenly dawned on me.  Exercise is my weight loss filing.  Damn that internal mirror anyway!

When it comes to exercise I am the Empress of Justification. It's too hot,  I don't have the proper clothes, I don't have the right bra (okay, that is not an excuse.  If I don't get a decent one, I'm going to give myself a couple of black eyes soon!), I'm too tired when I get home from work, there is no time . . . . I can keep going.  I think I have enough excuses to fill a copy of War and Peace!

I need to sit down and make a serious commitment to a strict exercise program.  That will be my goal for the day.   I will have a plan laid out and posted here tonight.

The Empress shall be dethroned!  Can I dethrone myself?  Oh well, I don't want to be a yo-yo and I definitely want to make this work, so by the end of the day a firm commitment on the exercise. Stay tuned . . .

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hey Wait a minute!

I got up this morning and was reviewing my post from last night.  I posted late and was really tired, so I thought I'd check to make sure that I hadn't made any glaring errors.

Here is what jumped out at me.  I'm starting to get a list of places I can not go!  First it was McDonald's, Wendy's, basically any fast food restaurants, then we added the much bemoaned Dairy Freeze, and Diary Queen and any any all ice cream stands, chocolate shops and candy stores, now we have added coffee shops, include what was my own personal mecca, Starbucks. (Did anyone else just hear angles weep and see the sun come out from behind clouds?)

So, what I am saying is a drive down any main drag street is now a gauntlet for me, right?  Well, a few months ago I would have thought of it that way, even probably a few weeks ago that would have been my thought.  Okay let's be honest, last week the car was still set on auto-pilot when it came to Starbucks!  But then something happened.

My experience earlier this week with feeling like a princess at work happened.  It happened again yesterday too, by the way.  People were there that had not been there the day before and there were lots and lots of compliments regarding my 'new look' and how amazing it was.  I was embarrassed and self conscious, but terribly proud of myself as well.  It gives one an amazing amount of strength.

Then there was The Boy, if he can work a plan like that, and get the results he did.  I can drive by the damn Starbucks and not whine because I can't have my Venti-quad shot -skinny vanilla latte, right?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Goals and Plans

It is always good to be reminded of lessons we learned early in life.  Today, The Boy reminded me of a such a lesson and made me exceptionally proud of him in the process.

The Boy has wanted a part time job, not an easy thing to find in this economy.  Not only that, he had his heart set on working at our local library.  He is as much a lover of books as his mother is, he is his mother's son!  Alas, when he applied at the beginning of the summer, there were no openings at the library.

Last year, he volunteered to work with the Summer Reading Program, he had already signed up for this year before putting an application in to work.  My most charming child explained to me that he was going to volunteer and show them what a good job he could do and that way, they would "have" to offer him a job.   That was his plan and he stuck to it.  He even showed up to volunteer the week after his surgery.  That shows serious commitment!

The folks at the library must have thought so as well.  Today he was offered his dream job.  He will be starting there part time sometime this month, until then he will be continuing his volunteer duties.

The Boy, had a goal.  He made a plan, he stuck to his plan and he achieved his goal!  What an awesome reminder for his mother when she begins to turn into the Starbucks or the Dairy Freeze.

I have a goal, I have a plan, I just have to have the commitment to stick to it.  Even when it gets hard, I have to stick to it.

I have finally admitted total defeat on the caffeine front.  In the last 11 days I have only had 2 count them, 2 migraines, I am still sleeping well, getting up refreshed and the DT headaches seem to have gone away!  I'm still not happy about it, but I know when I am beat!  Anyone in the market for a really nice coffee pot?

Until tomorrow everyone, I'm off to work on my plan . . .how is yours going?

Monday, July 5, 2010

I feel pretty!

Since I was feeling rather proud of myself today, I decided to dig out the old (and I do mean old) make-up and see what would happen.  I could never had predicted the outcome!

I stepped out of the bathroom and hubby looked up and me and froze.  A smile I have not seen in quite a while spread across his face and he said, "Sweetie, you look beautiful, your eyes look gorgeous!"

After that, I floated off to work.  My co-worked reacted in shock upon seeing me.  They could not believe how different I looked.  I spent the day hearing the words, pretty, beautiful, sparkling and wonderful.  I have never, in my life (except for my husband) heard words like that related to my looks.  I spent the better part of the day in stunned amazement.

Really, all I did was put a little eye shadow, liner, mascara and bronzer on.  I didn't go out and have a face lift or anything.

Then, one of the most amazing things ever happened.  We have a cleaning service at work.  Our cleaning person is a truly wonderful person, I really like her, she is a very special, kind, loving woman.  She had some health problems a week or so ago and has had us all a bit concerned.  She and I have talked a few times about my journey and the Dtour program.

Today she stepped in the door, I was at the desk and looked up and smiled at her.  Her mouth dropped open, her eyes bugged out and she actually stepped back out of the door!  She came back in and said.  "I was feeling really down when I walked in the door.  Then I saw you, and you are radiating!  You inspire me so much, I felt better instantly!"  I got up and gave her a hug, I didn't know what else to say.

I don't know that I have ever had that effect on anyone before.  I didn't really do anything, all I did was smile and say "Good Morning!" 

I'm here to help, though I will admit to feeling a big humbled by my experiences today.  It is all a little overwhelming for the fat girl in the corner.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day ~ A Victory all the way around!

Happy Fourth of July!!  I hope everyone is celebrating safely and will drive home with care.

Just because it is a holiday, does not mean that the scales do not work.  Today is, after all Sunday; and as we all know by now, Sunday is Weigh in day!  Yea Sunday!!

Here are our current standings:
The Boy:  -3.5 lbs (he is wasting away from this surgery!)
Amazing Husband:  -.5 lbs ( but boy is his upper body getting ripped thanks to the 2nd job at Home Depot!)
Me:  -4lbs!  Yes, 4lbs!  There was much rejoicing, high fiving and happy dancing to be had this morning.
I have some other statistics I would like to share.  Some of them are rather embarrassing, but as I have committed to this full disclosure thing, I'm already in for a penny so here comes the pound.
  • This adventure began 126 days ago, in that time, I have lost a total of 42 pounds.
  • I have lost a total of 15% of my starting body weight.  (My original goal was 10%!)
  • That averages out to a third of a pound a day.
  • I have lost 10" off my waist ~ all my clothes are falling off!
  • The last time I did Weight Watchers successfully, I was on the program for a year and lost a total of 40 pounds. (I'm doing way better than that this time!)
  • I currently feel better now than I have since I met and married my husband!
  • I have had no caffeine for 9 days ~ today the coffee maker was packed away for awhile (out of sight out of mind).
Those are just a few of the quick facts that ran through my head this morning as I was logging my progress into my Dtour page.  I have never accomplished anything like before.  I have never had a program that yielded these positive and motivating results!

Speaking of motivating results, I have a new motivation idea for everyone.  Okay, it's not new, and I didn't come up with it.  But I have invoked my very special brand of 'Katie Logic' on it and am hoping that someone else might benefit from my weirdness.

It all has to do with this 10% business.  Losing 10% of your body weight is what all Doctor's and Health Professionals say is a good thing to do to improve health.  It was the first recommendation given to me by my Doctor.  (Actually, I think it is her mantra where I am concerned.)

Since I had so much to lose and the BIG number seemed so insurmountable, I thought I'd try for the 10%.  10% isn't much, right?  It's doable.  Heck, anyone can stick to a new eating plan long enough to lose 10% of their current body weight, right?  (Even me!)  See, this is where my sneaky plan comes in. . .

So, you lose your first 10%.  Which I just did (Yea me!).  So, now I have  a new goal to set,  since 10% worked last time, I'm going to do that again.  But wait!  I weigh less now, so my 10% is a lower number!  I have less to lose this time around!  This is awesome!  I know I can do the lower number because I just lost way more than that!   So, you just keep hitting the 10% and resetting your goal at 10% and each time you do it, you have less to lose and it gets easier each time!!

How awesome is that!  A self-motivating goal setting plan!  And my family said Katie Logic never works!  Who's laughing now?  (Not me, cause if I laugh too hard, my pants fall down!)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Accidental Treats

Tonight was new recipe night!  Not only was it a new recipe but it was also new food night. Not only that, but as a special bonus we discovered a special treat quite by accident!

The new recipe was a Dr. Gillian McKeith recipe for  Chickpea and Tofu Mild Curry, it had Miso Muso in it.  How is that for a mouthful?  the Curry was a bit like a stew and was very tasty.  I was surprised at how much I liked it, as I was somewhat leery as it was going together.   It was full of all sorts of things I used to be convinced that I hated, tofu and chickpeas, and turmeric and I would never have gone near Miso, if I had ever heard of it, that is.

House rules, are house rules, however, so I tried it.  Surprise, surprise, it was pretty good.  The more I ate, I more I liked it.  So now it goes on the try again list.  That list is growing and growing.

My Aunt had suggested that The Boy might like a new icee flavor that Taco Bell has, Strawberry-Mango.

Now, I am not about to let The Boy have something from Taco Bell, but I did have frozen Mango, and strawberries in the fridge.  What person in their right mind keeps frozen mango on hand in their freezer?  (Maybe certain individuals are right and I am becoming obsessed!)

So, feeling a bit adventurous, I tossed ice cubes, frozen mango, strawberries and some white grape juice into the blender to see what would happen.   Who would have guessed that I made sorbet!  Well, it probably wasn't proper sorbet, but it tasted pretty darn good to us, and it was all natural!  But I still have mangoes in my freezer!

It was the best darn accidental dessert we ever had!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Forgive me for Beating on the Horse Please!

I may be beating a dead horse here, but I need to elaborate on yesterday's post.  You know, the one where I admitted that I was wrong and other people were right?  That one.

I have been feeling better lately.  I mean really good.  I'm happier, I'm not depressed.  Things don't seem as dark and relentless as they did not so long ago either.  I know that our circumstances have not improved that much, we are still pretty much in the same boat we have been.  For somehow, it just looks  . . .rosier to me.  I seem to feel that way about everything lately.

If you would have told me six months ago that this much about me could change just by modifying my diet, I would have laughed you out of the room!  What an insane idea.  Absolutely ludicrous  thought!

Sometimes, I am a bit slow on the uptake!  It took a 2x4, but I am on board now. (Excuse the pun.) 

I am now proof that you can change pretty much everything about yourself by making adjustments to your diet.  (I'm still mad about the caffeine thing thought!)

If I can make this much progress by making the changes that I have made already, what else can I do?  I wonder what else we can modify?  What other 'improvements' or 'repairs' can we make to ourselves without pills, surgery, or the help of pharmaceuticals?

Anyone have any ideas?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I hate it when people are right!

I feel really, really good today.  I am not even kidding!  I am happy, giggly and in a really good mood.  Why?

Work is still stressful, it is not only the end of the month but the end of the fiscal year.  So actually, work is really stressful.  The Boy is still recovering, he is at the point of whining that he can't eat solid food and his jaw is sore (face it, we'd all be whining.).  It's hot out.  I don't do hot.  I hate hot.  Hot is awful!!!

So, life in general has not gotten any better; same stressors, same work, same issues.  That's not the answer.

I have been focusing on the Boot Camp Diet from Dr. Gillian McKeith so we have been eating lots of healthy food.  Yeah, I was already doing that.  She does have me focusing on lots of living foods, though.  The fridge is so full of green right now that it looks like a garden instead of an appliance.

Well, there is one other thing that has changed.  But if I discuss that, then I may have to admit that others were right and I was wrong and I may have to forever say goodbye to one of my passions.

You guessed it, I am on day 6 of no caffeine.  No coffee, no chocolate, no caffeinated beverages of any type.

I have been sleeping wonderfully this week, I am in a happier mood, and I was informed today that my eyes were brighter.

This sucks!  The plan was that I was going to be cranky, not feel any better and at the end of 7 days go back to my favorite morning brew!

I hate it when other people are right!

Resistance and Excuses

So, I'm following my Boot Camp plan (sort of) to the best of my ability (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!).  I've skipped a couple of things along the way, I'll fess up.

I haven't written out the Statement of Intent yet; I haven't thought of one.  I'm also having an issue with my food diary.  I HATE those.  Have you ever kept one?  I think the mantra in Weight Watchers is "Write it before you bite it."  Now, how stupid do we all look at luncheon meetings and out on first dates pulling out our little journals and writing everything down before we eat it?  Did you get the butter, that counts too!
I know I should do it, part of me really wants to!  But there is this other part of me; Myron, lets blame Mryon; who carrying around a little book and writing down everything I eat is going  to accomplish anything.  Let's be honest here.  Are we really going to write Everything down?  Yeah, I saw your pencil lead break as you were biting into that Snickers bar; see how you are!

Anyway, I'm on Day Five of my Boot Camp.  Guess how today's email started:
"the 5-day mark was the point where the biggest self-imposed resistance issues would surface. We decide and choose whatever we want"
Okay, she is in England, how does she know this stuff?!  Does she have my computer bugged or something!  Man, it is just downright lowering to be slapped down from 'across the pond'.  It gets worse.  She goes on to discuss how to help ourselves overcome our own self imposed barriers and resistances:
"We talk to ourselves internally all the time, and generally the chatter we have is with our sub-conscious. We have spent a lot of our lives programming our sub-conscious mind, and the feedback it gives us is a result of those years, positive or negative."
One of the fundamental things you have to observe and act on is what messages your sub-conscious is feeding you, unbidden and un-noticed most of the time! It’s important because the internal dialogue has the power to override the messages you are getting from outside yourself. It’s inside your head after all, and possession is nine tenths of the law as they say – why on earth should it let all this new stuff come in and upset the status quo?
To make real changes in your thinking, you have to take conscious charge of the chatter in your head – be aware of any negative messages, and turn them around."
 It goes on to suggest to write down and examine what barriers we are creating for ourselves and come up with ways to talk our way out.  For instance instead of saying "I hate health food."  you could try  "I'll give health food a fair shot."

It's about facing down yourself and your own bad habits and negative self talk and starting to turn yourself around mentally as well as physically.  I can do that, I'm on board.  I'm actually beginning to like myself for the first time in forty some odd years!
But I'm still not making a note every time I take a sip of freaking water!!!