Monday, November 21, 2011

Purple Food

The new eating regime is proving to be something of a hassle.  Yesterday I thought I'd make a seasonal favorite, creamy chicken and rice in the crock pot.  Sounds simple, right?

WRONG!!  The cream of mushroom soup that I have always used has flour in it (Third ingredient as a matter of fact).  Do did the bullion!  How do you make it without those two things??

Answer = you punt!  A little white wine, some cream cheese, and some chicken stock will do the trick.  All was well once again . . . until we came to the rice.

Normally I use brown rice.  I was out of brown rice.  I did have some very good black rice, so in the crock pot it went!

About two hours later I realized what I had done.  I gave the mixture a stir and all of a sudden the entire pot of food turned purple!  I'm not kidding it was purple!  I had to have been the black rice!

So for dinner last night we had purple creamy chicken and rice!  I tasted wonderful even if it looked weird.

Brown rice, accept no substitutes!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I haven't written in awhile and for that I apologize.  I have been doing some soul searching and trying to come to terms with my new situation.

I had finally come to terms with the Diabetes and now I have to adjust to Celiac's Disease and IBS on top of it.  My menu choices continue to disappear.

I have been trying to put on a happy face and solider on; which got me thinking about the faces we all put on.

We all wear masks and frankly, I'm beginning to wonder why.  Think about it.  Is anyone really buying my "I can adjust to this without a problem" attitude?  Does everyone think I am okay with everything that has been happening? 

If they don't buy it, why does no one call me on it?  I'm just wondering.  I have been feeling like a great big fake lately, which is probably why I haven't written.

I was thinking about his whole mask thing at work not to long ago.  I work with a bunch of people that I like and for the most part are good to be around.  However, the other day I saw somethings that I had never noticed before.

There was tension in the air and people were sniping about each other.  However, when the person they had been complaining about approached, suddenly everything was sunshine and roses.  There were smiles all around and nothing but positive and wonderful things were said. . . . until the person walked away.

I find this sort of behavior confusing and frustrating.  Doesn't that sort of deception take an awful lot of work?  Why can't they just say "I'm upset over what you did . . ."

No wonder women have eating disorders.  We eat our stress because we do not say what is on our minds.  We smile at people we really want to slap and we are nice to folks that we really would rather disappear from our lives.

I have been thinking about this for awhile and watching people around me.  I am totally fascinated by the entire process.  How do you know who you can trust and who you can't?

Does anyone have any chocolate handy??? 

Just thinking about all of this is making me crave sweets and chocolate!

Why can't we just be honest with each other?  If we were; how much weight would we lose?